Witness Insecurity - 护花危情

Witness Insecurity - 护花危情

Witness Insecurity - 护花危情 : Hui Wai-Sam (Bosco Wong) is a Witness Protection Unit (WPU) officer whose team is assigned to protect the cellist Kiu Chi-Lam ,Hailey,(Linda Chung), the daughter of wealthy businessman Kiu Kong-San (Paul Chun), when Chi-Lam witnesses the assassin who attempted to kill Kong-San's brother Kiu Kong-Ho.Because she had seen the death of her brother at a young age, Chi-Lam has suffered from guilt and depression. Believing herself to be responsible for her brother's death, she gradually became anti-social and uses her music to isolate herself from others. Wai-Sam's appearance in her life causes Lam to expand her horizons and she becomes happier. Despite her father's opposition, Chi-Lam begins to pursue a romantic relationship with Wai-Sam.As Wai-Sam works for the police, Kong-San is hesitant to allow Chi-Lam to continue her relationship with Wai-Sam because Wai-Sam's position could ruin Kong-San's status. To complicate matters further, his long-time enemy Lai Sue-Fung (Joseph Lee) reappears and threatens to unravel the origins of how Kong-San obtained his wealth. When Wai-Sam discovers the connection between Kong-San and Sue-Fung, he is torn between his duty to do what is just and his love for Chi-Lam.

Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime , Drama , TV Series




Country: Hong Kong

Release: 2012-07-02


Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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