Smooth Talker - 以和为贵

Smooth Talker - 以和为贵

Smooth Talker - 以和为贵 : Hau Tak-sze (Joe Ma) has inherited his late father's social club, besides managing the club he also works full-time as a court mediator. He meets Mo Sui-yee (Kate Tsui), who is in the process of divorcing her cheating ex-husband, during one of his cases. Sui-yee moves into her cousin Lam Ah-lui's (Elena Kong) home during her divorce, she soon finds out that her ex-husband's lover also lives in the same building as her cousin. Since Tak-sze visits the building frequently Sui-yee thinks both him and her ex-husband's lover are in cohorts together to try to gain her property from her divorce.Mo Sui-yee gets a job at Au Yeung-ai's (Johnson Lee) law office, Tak-sze also visits the law office frequently because he is best friends with Yeung-ai. Through her boss and new job, Sui-yee learns that Tak-sze is truly a nice guy who works hard at his job.

Genre: Comedy , Drama , TV Series

Actor: Joe Ma , Kate Tsui , Johnson Lee , Elena Kong , Tommy Wong , Tracy Chu



Country: Hong Kong

Release: 2015-03-30


Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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