Ruse of Engagement - 叛逃

Ruse of Engagement - 叛逃

Ruse of Engagement - 叛逃 : A bright environment does not mean that darkness does not exist, a peaceful society does not mean that danger does not exist. This era needs a vigilant society to be prepared for emergencies and unexpected events. Although natural disasters and violent acts cause people to panic, the scariest is actually people's mind.Carson and Alfred, two brothers raised by their widowed mother Tong Shuk-fun, join Hong Kong’s elite police force ATF together. Each specialising in a different talent, Carson succeeds in the force's intelligence unit while Alfred joins ATF's operations unit. With both brothers earning the respect and trust of their superior, ACP Steve Shum, Shuk-fun thought that it was finally time for her to retire in peace.However, after receiving a piece of intelligence, the two brothers suddenly change sides and become enemies. Carson discovers reliable information about a secret organization through journalist Yip Ting, and he almost loses his life investigating it. Unable to reinstate himself back in the team, he convinces his girlfriend Jessica, an intelligence analyst for ATF, to secretly obtain information from the force's database to help with his investigation.With details of the case leaking to the opposing organization, Alfred believes that his brother is the mole. Meanwhile, Carson focuses his efforts on luring the real mole, abandoning all ethics in the process.

Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime , Drama , TV Series

Actor: Ruco Chan , Ron Ng , Aimee Chan , Yoyo Mung , Louise Lee , Eddie Kwan , Kenny Wong Tak-Ban , Lai Lok-Yi



Country: Hong kong

Release: 2014-03-17


Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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