Never Dance Alone - 女人俱乐部

Never Dance Alone - 女人俱乐部

Never Dance Alone - 女人俱乐部 : The series revolves around a group of six women: Siu-Sze, Julie, Akina, Yuen Chau, Jenny, and Cyndi, with regular flashbacks to their secondary school days in mid-1980s Hong Kong. The school is named St. Laurent Girls' Secondary School, a pun on the French designer Yves Saint Laurent (Yves' Chinese name is translated as sing3 lo4 laan4 in Cantonese, which is also a pun on TVB's veteran actress Helena Law Lan.) During their secondary school days, the six women formed a tight-knit dancing group called "M Club", based on the theory of menstrual synchrony, as well as a desire and hope for other "M"s in life in the years to come: good memories, marriage, and wealth (money).Due to various events, as well as progression in life, the six women drifted away. Before that happened, the group mocked and eventually kicked out another woman: Diana, who then went on to hold a grudge against the rest of M Club.Over two decades after their graduation, the women lead different lives. Siu-Sze is a housewife, as well as Akina. Yuen Chau works for the Hong Kong Government, while having an affair with a prospective chief executivecandidate who is also her boss. Jenny initially worked as an airline hostess, but eventually quit to care for her mother, who suffered a stroke. Julie became obsessed with money, and was set to marry the son of a wealthy New Territories tribal elder until she discovered he is gay. Meanwhile, Cyndi continued with her passion for dancing, and operates a dance studio that is ailing.Through happenstance, Cyndi reunited with Julie and Siu-Sze, and managed to bring the entire M Club back together through a stint at a psychiatric hospital, with Siu-Sze and others reuniting to help preserve Cyndi's dance studio. This helped the women rediscover their dream, as well as their purpose in life.


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