I Am a Singer 2 - 我是歌手 2

I Am a Singer 2 - 我是歌手 2

I Am a Singer 2 - 我是歌手 2 : Most of the competition format were remained similar to the first season, with seven singers each week singing for a 500-member audience; they then cast their ballots for the top three singers of their preference after all the singers had performed. Likewise, both the Qualifying and Knockout round scores are combined, which determined which singer was eliminated from the competition.This season introduced format changes to the Revival round, which renamed to Breakouts; any first-round singers who survived every elimination rounds were automatically exempted and thus guaranteeing one of seven places in the finals; remaining singers compete along with eliminated singers to vie for the a place in the semi-finals. The number of finalists was set to seven as usual, and the number of places offered is seven minus the number of exempted singers (in the case, four first-round singers were exempted, thus only three singers were to qualify from the Breakouts). Another change made is to the withdrawn singers, singers who voluntarily withdrew from the competition without performing have not been eligible for return performances, in addition to being ineligible to participate in the Breakout rounds. In the previous season, Chyi Chin (who withdrew from the competition on week 7) was given return performance on week 10, but was not eligible from participation in the Revival round.This is also the first season to feature Biennial Concert, which aired one week after the finals, which is an exhibition performance featuring the best singers of the season plus selected singers from former seasons, similar to Graduation in the original Korean franchise. There were no voting and competition, unlike most other weeks.

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Country: China

Release: 2014-04-11


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