Friendly Fire - 法网狙击

Friendly Fire - 法网狙击

Friendly Fire - 法网狙击 : Barrister JJ Kam (Michael Tse) and Director of Public Prosecutions Chris Fong (Tavia Yeung) used to be cohabiting lovers, but ended up separating due to a failed marriage proposal. Fate has it when JJ makes a job transition to take a position of Prosecutor, resulting in the two working under the same roof once again. With their distinctly different approaches in handling cases, plus the interference of a new secretary (Grace Wong), the already severe crisis in their relationship has been pushed to the edge to an nonredeemable state. Though JJ is still perturbed by the refusal of his marriage proposal, Chris actually has something rarely known to the others. On the other hand, an orphan Kam Po-tei (Sammy Leung), was adopted by JJ’s father Kam Po-cheung (Benz Hui), and JJ are as close as biological brothers. As a detective of the Criminal Investigation Department, Po-tei frequently cooperates with JJ. During an operation, he gets to know an undercover detective Ngai Mei-san (Sharon Chan). Though the pair are completely incompatible with each other, they do acquire the other’s strengths to offset their own deficiencies. Furthermore, Po-tei initiates to pursue Mei-san regardless of his own lot or the fact she has already a fiancé. As each of them is hesitating over their future, a murder case involving a wealthy businesswoman Pong Tit-sum (Alice Chan) makes them go through an arduous and fierce journey all together.


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