Eye in the Sky - 天眼

Eye in the Sky - 天眼

Eye in the Sky - 天眼 : CID investigator Szeto Shun (Kevin Cheng) becomes the prime suspect of an arson case when surveillance cameras capture a culprit who looks identical to him. Thanks to an alibi, Szeto finally gets eliminated as a suspect, but his colleagues remain skeptical. To prove his innocence, Szeto resigns from his position in the police force and takes up a job as Head of Security at the swanky Y Suite Hotel. He decides to solve the arson mystery on his own, but not without the help of his former colleague, CID detective Scarlett Wong (Lin Xiawei), who seems to be the only one who believed his innocence.Small time private investigator Jan Ng (Tavia Yeung) falls in love with Szeto at first sight after seeing him take down a gun-crazed criminal. When a client who looks identical to Szeto shows up at her father's investigation firm later that day, she automatically assumes him to be Szeto without asking his name. Since the client does not want to divulge his true identity, he goes along with Jan thinking he is Szeto. The man hires her to trail a person that leads her entangled with the triads, but saves her in time and the two have a one-night stand. Eighteen months later, Jan runs into the real Szeto and assumes him to be the same person she had spent the night with, but while investigating another client's case at the Y Suite Hotel, she finds out that Szeto and her client are not the same. Thinking that Jan's client may be the true culprit in the arson case, Szeto tells Jan to find the man, and the two form a mentor-protege relationship.During this time, Szeto befriends security guard Cheng Nik-hang (Ruco Chan), a seasoned thief in disguise, who infiltrates the Y Suite Hotel to find a stolen treasure. While helping Szeto investigate his arson case, Nik-hang discovers more of his own tragic past.

Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime , Drama , TV Series

Actor: Kevin Cheng , Ruco Chan , Tavia Yeung , Lin Rosina , Tony Hung , Samantha Ko



Country: Hong kong

Release: 2015-03-02


Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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