Burning Hands - 乘胜狙击

Burning Hands - 乘胜狙击

Burning Hands (Chinese乘胜狙击Cantonese YaleSìngsing Jēuigīk) is a Hong Kong crime television drama produced by Yip Chan-fai and TVB. The plot follows a team of con artists and illusionists, who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mastermind behind his casino's embezzled funds. But the leader of the gang, Chak Koon-yat, has his own reasons for helping the mogul.Burning Hands began principal photography in March 2016, which lasted until July 2016. It premiered on 16 January 2017.

Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime , Drama , TV Series

Actor: Ruco Chan , Joel Chan , Rebecca Chan , Kelly Fu , Pal Sinn , Lin Xiawei



Country: Hong Kong

Release: 2017-01-16


Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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